• ANTIGENeering

    In our products the specificity of immune boosting is determined by the nucleotide sequence of the pDNA which als encodes several antigens. These antigens are specific to the causative agent of the disease. For chronic infectious diseases the recombinant antigens are derived from the target virus or intracellular bacteria to boost the immune system to eliminate infected cells.

    For cancer, the antigens are derived from genes specifically expressed in cancer cells to boost the immune system and kill cancerous cells. For allergy, the antigens are derived from recombinant allergens to boost the immune system and balance the pathogenic immune responses.

    The API discovery program, supported with two proprietary software, sustains a large proprietary product portfolio with long patent life. ANTIGENeering software assists our processes for designing, preparing and testing pDNA-encoded antigens. eMINER software provides rapid and >85% reliable in-silico prediction of the antigen-derived epitopes that boost immunizatio inindividuals. These technologies support the development of our personalized Immunetherapy together with personalized immune-diagnosis.

    As an example, DermaVir's API, a single pDNA was ANTIGENeered for the regulated expression of thirteen complete and two non-functional HIV protein antigens. These proteins self assemble into VLP+ structurally resembling the wild type HIV. We have introduced multiple irreversible safety features by genetic modifications including the complete impairment of integration and reverse transcription. Our epitope analysis with eMINER predicted that DermaVir present over 3,000 high-affinity T cell epitopes, it has the broadest antigen repertoire among HIV vaccine candidates (Somogyi et al. Vaccine 2011).