• Cancer

    In adition to our lead product candidate HIV vaccine our Technology Platform can be easily adapted to adress a number of other diseases, including a diverse range of cancers.

    On January 29, 2019 we expanded out licensing and develpment agreement with JSC Pharmadis whereby we will jointly develop therapeutic peoducts to treat the following cancer types:

    Phase I
    Pivotal Trial
      - Glioblastoma        
      - Prostate Cancer        
      - Colon & Rectal Cancer        
      - Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma        
      - Endometrial Cancer        
      - Stomach Cancer        
      - Bladder Cancer        
      - Cervical Cancer        
      - Lung Cancer        
      - Thyroid Cancer        
      - Leukemia        
      - Breast Cancer        
      - Kidney Cancer        
      - Ovarian Cancer        
      - Liver Cancer        
      - Myeloma        
      - Lip-oral Cavity Cancer        
      - Oesophagus Cancer        
      - Brain Cancer        
      - Gallbladder Cancer        


    The first two cancers to be addressd are Glioblastoma and Prostate Cacner. We anticipate initiating Phase I trials for both of these indications in Q3 OF 2021.