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Sep 28 - Power of the Dream Ventures acquires Genetic Immunity. [ PDF ]


Oct 8 - Genetic Immunity receives GMP certification for in-house manufacturing facility. [ PDF ]
Oct 12 - DKFZ and Genetic Immunity Sign Collaboration Agreement to Develop HPV Therapeutic Vaccine. [ PDF ]
Oct 17 - Genetic Immunity Successfully Completes ISO audit. [ PDF ]


Mar 29 - Power of the Dream Ventures Announces Dr. Julianna Lisziewicz presentation at Innovation in Health, Brussels. [ PDF ]


Apr 4 - Power of the Dream Ventures Announces Genetic Immunity signs West Nile Virus vaccine development agreement. [ PDF ]
Apr 11 - Power of the Dream Ventures. Genetic Immunity announces positive Phase II data for HIV vaccine – results show median 70% percent viral load reduction. [ PDF ]


Feb 23 - Power of the Dream Ventures signs business development agreement with Genetic Immunity. [ PDF ]
Feb 26 - Genetic Immunity, Retrospective - Next generation DNA vaccine - DermaVir nanomedicine for the treatment of HIV-AIDS. [ PDF ]


Mar 4 - Genetic Immunity, Retrospective - Phase 1 trial results for the Company's HIV vaccine candidate lead product. [ PDF ]
Mar 11 - Genetic Immunity, InPlay - Genetic Immunity receives CE marking for DermaPrep, a unique transdermal drug delivery device. [ PDF ]
Mar 19 - Genetic Immunity, InPlay - ACTG completes Phase I-II, Randomized, Double-Blind Study to evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of DermaVir Vaccine. [ PDF ]


Apr 1 - Genetic Immunity, InPlay - Genetic Immunity licenses plasmid DNA purification technology. [ PDF ]
Apr 16 - Genetic Immunity, InPlay - Second Phase II clinical trial commences in Italy on Company’s lead product candidate DermaVir Patch HIV vaccine. [ PDF ]
Apr 23 - Genetic Immunity, InPlay - Company to attend CLINAM European Conference for Clinical Nanomedicine. [ PDF ]


May 13 - Genetic Immunity, InPlay - Company to present at the Bio International Convention in Atlanta. [ PDF ]


Jun 11 - Genetic Immunity, InPlay - Company completes patient enrollment in German Phase II trial of HIV immune therapy vaccine lead product candidate. [ PDF ]
Jun 18 - Genetic Immunity, InPlay - Company to present at Phacilitate’s 8th annual European Vaccine Forum. [ PDF ]


Jul 1 - Genetic Immunity, InPlay - Company successfully completes patient enrollment in Italian Phase II trial of DermaVir Patch HIV topical immunotherapeutic nanomedicine. [ PDF ]